Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Checking a room for bugs isn't just a thing James Bond does in the movies, it's also widely used to prevent unauthorized monitoring activity in instances where corporate espionage is a threat.  If you look on various marketplaces, to include Amazon, it's easy to find cheap hidden cameras and audio recording devices to plant around the room.  Some of these devices can look like clothes hangers or small enough to hide in objects currently existing in the room.  You might be surprised to know these devices can have a pretty good battery life, motion activated recording, and high quality video.

Lets knock out some definitions first so we are on the same page with the subject.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - is the practice of bug sweeping or the use of electronic counter measures to detect, find and remove electronic monitoring devices such as hidden cameras and audio recording devices.

Bug : a covert listening device that has a microphone and could use a radio transmitter or record to a micro sd card for listening later on.

IPM or In Place Monitoring : which are devices that has the capability to detect and pinpoint the location of devices in a particular area such as an office.  These can be used to detect and prevent people from bringing their phones into a building.

Off Site Radio Frequency (RF) Monitoring : this is the inspection to discover devices that find devices that transmit a radio frequency signal that another party could listen in on.

There are numerous gadgets out there that allow for various spying and they are all easy to obtain and rather cheap.  Amazon features numerous cameras that are sound, motion, or turn on if they detect vibration.  This allows them to only record footage when there is activity, which means they can capture quite a bit of intel and have a pretty extensive battery life.  The amount of apps that are available for phones is endless that allow for various audio and video recording in stealth modes.  In high security areas that I've worked for in the past, cell phones are not allowed on the premises and devices are used to detect and alert if one passes through.  
Why is all of this important? Well wiretapping, eavesdropping, and recording devices pose a huge threat to businesses trying to keep products or information secret from competitive businesses.  For individuals, the idea of someone stealing your privacy is out right disturbing. Reverse engineering and stealing trade secrets is rather common so taking measures to ensure areas are secure is very important along with establishing good physical security guidelines.  

Hiring a private investigator is useful in these scenarios because we can scan areas to ensure the area is clean of monitoring devices.  With Fox Investigations, we specialize in security management as well and help consult to ensure proper physical security measures are put in place as well as corporate policies that ensures that the people that get secret information are only the ones that need it.