The Current State of Fox Investigations

So current progress with the business has been absolutely great considering the recent launch this year.  Fox Investigations works on average one to four cases a day working cases from finding missing relatives, background checks, catfishing investigations, and fraud investigations.  Fox Investigations is still building it's client base and being a new name in the area is not an easy task.  It takes a bit of time to get the name out there and some elbow grease to work out all the kinks.  All in all, Fox Investigations is a rapidly expanding private investigation agency and we have made a lot of clients happy!

Right now the company takes most of it's case load from Trustify and which are both marketing companies that work to pair clients with private investigators to solve their cases.  This has definitely helped the business get on it's feet but we have a lot of room for growth!

Trustify is a marketing agency that works by paying out investigators an hourly wage.  While many complain that the payout is low, especially for surveillance work, they do not consider the fact that you have to do nothing to acquire the work.  The staff with Trustify has been exceedingly cordial with me and I enjoy doing work for them. is another marketing agency but rather than give investigators cases directly it allows people to post their cases on the site and investigators set bids.  The client then gets to pick which investigator they wish to have work their case and the company takes twenty percent cut rather than the 50 percent Trustify takes. 

Ultimately, the grand scheme for Fox Investigations is to build itself to become self reliant and build it's own competitive client base.  Rates for Fox Investigations services are extremely competitive with the market standard at $75 an hour and clients choose a budget that fits their needs.  There is also no retainer requirement as well that normally require you to pay up front.  For those that are interested in starting a case with us please contact me at or use the form below.  Our investigation process is user friendly, effective and straight to the point.


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