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Fox Investigations provides private investigation service to anyone, anywhere in the USA through our website.  We are a rapidly expanding agency that provides professional investigative solutions quickly and effectively.  Clients can easily contact an experienced top private investigator to provide them background checks, litigation support, asset searches, skip-trace or missing persons, and other investigative services.  Our rates are competitive with the market standard at $75 an hour and our clients can choose how much investigation they require for their case.  This allows clients to fit private investigation right into their budget. 

Fox Investigations is a rapidly expanding private investigation agency that was founded by Clayton Taylor.  The goal in mind was to provide premium investigative service to clients through an online platform utilizing the industries most powerful databases and tools at affordable rates.  We have helped families find each other, provided pre-employment screenings, litigation support for various cases, and caught fraudulent activity.  We realize that time is crucial to our clients who need results quickly which is why we have the fastest case turnaround time. 

If you need a peace of mind then you have come to the right spot.  You don't have to pay a retainer with us, and you get to pick a budget that fits your needs with the assistance of our experts.  Our process is simple, you let us know the details of your case along with how many hours you want to spend on the investigation.  Then you are paired with an investigator to start your free consultation and agree to our service agreement.  Updates of the case are done either in person, phone, or by e-mail and results are also delivered electronically as well allowing us to get you results more efficiently.

Our background checks are much more comprehensive than those you find elsewhere.  Most reports on a typical individual will cover a wide variety of information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, aliases, work, associates, family, neighbors, licenses, criminal history, marriage and divorce, lien and judgements, property, boat, airplane, vehicle information and much more.  All of this information is compiled in an easy to navigate PDF format with an interactive table of contents section.  I will typically pull anywhere from 40 to over 100 pages of detailed information on an individual depending on how much they have done and information is incredibly up to date and accurate. 

Conducting research is our passion at Fox Investigations and we look to deliver our clients facts, not opinions.  We do not perform any illegal activity for clients so do not expect us to give you bank records, vehicle information, or phone records without a court order that allows you to do so.  Citizens of the United States are protected by a variety of laws that Fox Investigation respects and abides by such as the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, Drivers Privacy Protection Act, and Financial Privacy Protection Act, along with many others.  If you are looking for information that is sensitive to laws in this nature, it usually requires a court order before it can be obtained.  I've had clients give us court orders for such cases and gladly helped them with their case.   Just ensure you take the appropriate steps.

We allow ourselves an online platform in order to reach a much larger audience and client base.  As time progresses, so will Fox Investigations and it's capabilities.  We do provide digital forensic capabilities along with surveillance networking to ensure our clients get the best service and experience for their needs.

Have a question or a case ready for us? Send us a message with the contact form below and let us give you a free consultation and quote. 

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