Tools To Recover Deleted Files

There are many reasons why you may want to recover deleted files from a computer, or a smart phones.  It might be that the hardware failed or personal error.  Maybe one of the users or owner of the device is deleting content and you are looking to retrieve it to find deception.  Whatever the reason is, today we are going to discuss the solutions.

For those not looking to conduct data recovery themselves may seek a private investigator that has computer forensic specialties to help recover data.  If your are looking for this route, then please reach out to us via our contact page or email  I will be more than happy to assist or direct you to a trusted private investigator that will handle such task.

For those of you looking to do it yourself.  Then I'll discuss a few routes for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.  

It's important to note that unless you have specific software, that deleting the files out of the recycle bin or even reformatting will not actually completely erase the data on the hard drive.  Traces if not entire files can be recovered along with the metadata contained within the file.  


DMDE Free, Standard, or Express Edition allows you to recover information by selecting the drive and partition you are interested in and then recovering the file you want from that.  The Standard and Express Edition feature a more simple and easy to use interface.

Recuva is a much easier application that allows users to get accidentally deleted files back.  You can choose a specific location to search or do a deep search of the drive which takes a bit longer.  Each recovered file will present itself with a rating on its condition.  This is also available as a portable app.

Mac (and Windows)

EaseUS Data Recovery  - This software is available for both Windows and Mac but allows the user to recover a variety of files that have been deleted from the trash bin. 

Android and iPhone

It's important to note that some of the apps for data recovery may require root access while others may not.  Phones with root access will have more options available to them due to the ability to be more customizable and obviously the root access (or jailbreak). 

The app store contains all sorts of data recovery apps available so I'm not going to list them all here.  Just launch the App Store and search for data recovery or recover deleted files and pick the one that fits your needs.  DiskDigger photo recovery is one of my favorite on Android.