Private Investigation Online

When I started this company, I wanted to create an interface that allowed people to easily request and receive investigation information right from my website.  I know this has been done numerous times, but seeing how everyone else did it I felt like I could do a job more to my liking.  I wanted my own platform that could rapidly adapt to it's clients and demands by integrating into a digital marketplace.  Trustify, a highly controversial marketing company for private investigation has been doing this for a minute now and works to connect individuals to private investigators online to carry out a wide scope of investigation capabilities.

Trustify charges it's clients I believe somewhere in the scope of $70 to $99 an hour and pays investigators somewhere in the range of $30 an hour.  People can go on the site, state a few simple facts of their investigation, and Trustify's marketing team will connect them with a vetted private investigator to carry out their investigation.  Most investigators argue that $30 an hour is nowhere near the respectable wage for this line of work.  An private investigator, depending on experience, can expect to make anywhere in the scope of $30 an hour to over $200 an hour.  This depends on a wide variety of factors. 

I will give Trustify this, it is excellent in terms of creating a passive income.  Investigators can basically get cases without having to do any real marketing to acquire them.  You won't get rich doing it, but it may help keep the lights on.  Observing this, I realized that this company was definitely not going away any time soon and that I would need to start adapting my own agency to an easy to use online model.  So in many aspects, my website is extremely similar to their practice.  I just do the marketing, client screening, investigation, research, and well everything myself.  Which I believe creates a more personable experience and allows clients to get the same investigator again if they wish.  

I love doing everything myself, for now, as it gives me valuable hands on training that I can pass on to the eventual team later down the line.  I have found that the business can take you in any variety of direction.  I am hoping to create a highly experience private investigation agency comprised of a small dedicated group of private investigators and security experts that can provide investigation/security solutions to larger corporations.  I would also like to create a training pipeline for private investigation that is comprised of surveillance, digital forensics, skip-trace, new methods of research, penetration test, corporate espionage/competitive intelligence,  etc.  That could span in the timeline of about 6-8 months.  

Until then, Fox Investigations will continue building on content marketing and providing an online solution for clients to have people investigated.  As of right now, case submission can be done from the website free of charge and allows clients to choose how many hours they wish to spend on any particular background investigation with no retainer requirement.  Clients are connected directly with me from my website where I can then send them a simple services agreement to sign and an invoice that matches their personal investigation.

 I feel that allowing clients to choose how long they wish to spend on the investigation keeps the investigation more affordable to clients.  Many cases never get worked simply because a lot of private investigators won't touch anything below a few thousand dollars and I feel this is a largely untapped resource.   Not everyone makes six figures or high five and has several thousand dollars to spend on an investigation but still needs quality help.  As time progresses, Fox Investigations may build a research team that will better accommodate the model for a larger investigation demand.