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Fox Investigations is a private investigation agency that specializes in providing online background checks, cell phone data recovery, finding missing persons, finding assets, and due diligence investigations to anyone in the USA.  Feel free to browse our blog section for interesting articles written by our own licensed private investigators. You can e-mail us at support@investigatefox.com or call 470.440.0175 at any time to ask us about our services and receive a free consultation.  You can find out even more about us by checking out our about page here.  

A Short Bio From The Owner

My name is Clay Taylor, and I am the owner of Fox Investigations Agency.  I have created this website as an online platform that allows my clients to quickly submit cases to me.  I'm able to receive cases in this manner 24/7 and deliver results to my clients very quickly.  To talk a little bit about myself, I have spent the last ten years with the special operations community with experience in both the public and private sectors conducing high threat surveillance and data acquisition operations both stateside and overseas. 

I love what I do, and look to deliver exceptional customer service and results to my clients, who I engage with personally.  The tools I use to do my job are only authorized to licensed professionals and allows me to have an unprecedented edge over my competition.  I will always operate within legal and ethical guidelines.  All client-investigator case information is completely confidential. 

Please check out the site tutorial that explains the business model, and examples on how to request a service from my website.

Online Services That I Offer

For those looking for a solution to discover deleted data from a cell phone or find out if there are deleted texts or secret pictures please check out our digital investigations page by clicking the button below. We provide a complete digital forensics solution for both businesses and individuals. 

Have something else in mind? We also perform comprehensive due diligence investigations as well. Contact me to start a more custom case.


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Check out my blog section for interesting articles about private investigation.