New Database : New Capabilities

We are always expanding into new databases and partner companies which provide us with newer and more accurate capabilities. 

Digital Forensics

We partnered up with a nationally accredited digital forensics company in order to provide you top of the line solutions for recovering deleted data or finding hidden information in cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.  I've had a big pleasure working with these guys and they offer a huge help to clients looking to find information on devices.

New Database

We've added a new database to our capabilities that allow us to track IP addresses, employment, spending habits, and is more accurate than ever.  This has given us some razor accurate information for our clients to help track someone down quickly. 

Some of the ways we can help you:

  • Finding a contact number or finding out who owns a number
  • Finding an address or history of addresses
  • Tracking IP address history to locate hard to find individuals
  • Help you find bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and safe deposit boxes and the amount in each account.
  • Find vehicle information and history
  • Employment history and Death Records
  • Criminal History
  • Background investigation
  • Social Media investigations
  • Discover deleted texts, calls, pictures, and video from cell phones and laptops
  • Conduct forensics on computers and phones to pull forensic evidence for you

If you have a question about finding out something, just shoot me an e-mail or ask.  Chances are I can retrieve the information for you or know how to pull the information for you.  Consultations are always free and if you never ask you'll never know.  I've surprised quite a few clients with a lot of the information I pull for them that they do not have access too.  I also ensure that myself and the client operate within our legal, ethical, and moral means but obtain the latest and most accurate data possible.