How are you protecting your privacy?

Many people don't realize that when they click through a terms of service or privacy agreement that if they don't read the fine print on how that company handles your information you might as well give your personal credentials freely to anyone who desires it.  Who want's your information though? Well, anyone looking to make an easy buck that can find ways to exploit your e-mail or personal information to try to convince you to try a product through shady advertisement and various click through links to get you to the "GREATEST DEAL ONLY AVAILABLE NOW"

Many of these offers sent you way play on the scarcity rule of marketing.  This is the aspect that "Get it now while it's 50 percent off!" Did you know that most retail stores by policy will always maintain about %40-50 percent of their inventory marked as "on sale".  In standard business practice this is to entice customers to come into the store during that "limited time sale only available RIGHT NOW" to get that latest $80 shirt for $40.

Let me clue you in on something as a business owner.  The business FROM THE VERY BEGINNING expected to sell that shirt at $40 bucks, or whatever ridiculous price.  If they did sell it for higher it was just lottery money for them.  This is the way of retail marketing and EVERY company does this.  It blows my mind to see people still fall for this.  Don't get me wrong, I still shop deals at Ralph Lauren to get the nice piche' polo's at $40 a piece (less with military discount) but that's about the fair price of a high grade polo.  Lets just be honest.  I paid full price, not discount.

To go back to my original point.  You are targeted and so are your spending habits.  If you think that batch crap of coupons you get in the mail is mass destributed to you and your neighbors without any thought. GUESS again!  You want to know how the big database companies we use collect information to use for private investigation? You want to know how each company like Kroger and Target has IT'S OWN DATABASE that collects your credentials, age, address, spending habits, etc. 

Those coupons you get, are targeted based on your spending habits which are logged in their database.  Just so you don't freak out, they are sandwhiched convineanctly with other useless coupons so you don't get the overall feeling that they are collecting "too much" information from you. 

I'm going to clue you in on what you think privacy is.  THE MOMENT you bought a phone and decided to hook that up with a service provider was the moment you gave up ALL rights for information you send across the magical phone waves across the country.  That's it.  The moment you got yourself a Kroger card to get that $1 discount for $100 worth of groceries at the store, you gave up your privacy and data collection rights in the agreement you skipped over. 

This applies to every aspect of life. Nearly anything you can think of is tied to you or at least a cell phone, or an address.  Your name is tied to something and if it is, it's in a database which is sold to private databases all the time.  The worst part is, YOU agree'd to it when you checked the "I Agree with these Terms of Services" blog. 


Please refer to my blog on the TOP 10 DATABASE OPT OUTS. Which will keep terrorists and strangers from accessing you AND YOUR families personal information.  It will cut all the shit mail you get as well and leaves tracking to those that are professionally licensed and law enforcement.  Some of you will throw a hissy fit about that, but it's a shit load better than having a rapist getting on spokeo and paying $20 for some of the the most intimate information you can think about for you and your family.


Click on those first 5 links, spend an hour, and go through the process of eliminating yourself from these shady databases. 



These databases don't need anyone's permission to just grab information you put out there over time.  So services like spokeo, whitepages, and any of these other "automated" databases that promise you all of this information just collect it from 3rd parties. I always try to tell my clients to reach a PI first because it will save you time, money, and our results are MUCH more accurate than the automated systems provide.

Not to mention ANYONE has access to those systems.  I wouldn't want a stalker or someone with criminal intent being able to go online and retrieve myself or my families information that easily.  Please remove yourself by going through the top 10 opt outs!

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