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The best business is simply word of mouth.  A guy can spend a million dollars on a marketing strategy but it won't mean anything if people won't respond to it.  This is why today I wanted to reach out to my fellow readers to see if they had someone in mind that was going through something that would require that little extra edge they need.  Whether it was contacting a long lost friend or relative or making sure the guy you were about to date was actually single or not.  I've even busted a few cat fishing cases as well. 

I cannot stress enough that the databases and tools I have at my fingertips can help you get the peace of mind you deserve.  All we need is a sliver of information to go after an individual and then pull their entire background for you. 

Have a suspicious phone number your sick of seeing? Guess what? Those google searches don't produce nearly the results I can.  I can find out who the number is registered to and have you a name, address, employment history, vehicle, and so much more.  You just have to ask.

In all honesty, the amount of information that is readily available to private investigators is down right intimidating, and it should be.  Because we are the guys that are able to dig up that information you need without tipping off the other person you are snooping around.  If we run a search on someone, that individual has zero idea that I've been poking around picking out clues for my next investigation.  The difference is that as a license private investigator, I ALWAYS OPERATE WITHIN MY LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND MORAL means of practice.  ALWAYS. 

I have turned down plenty of "stalker" type cases in the past.  However, I think a lot of people decide not to even hire a Private Investigator simply for the fact they fall under that category. 

LET US DECIDE! That is what the consultation is for.  We are there to fascilaite getting you the most accurate information you can possibly get your prying little hands on.  That's our job and here at Fox Investigations.  We love helping out our clients dig up the information they need.

I'm going to be completely honest.  Months ago, I started Fox Investigations as a business that would be a hobby for me to help other people get the answers they need.  Over time I have helped countless clients get the closure they deserve to get their kids back in court or find a long lost relative.  I've turned away plenty of cases where people had unethical means of acquiring information.  THIS JOB IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY FOR ME.  I will turn away countless cases if they are all with illegal or criminal intent.  However, I work work my fingers down to the bone to ensure that a man gets his hard earned assets back to him through a nasty divorce or to make sure a woman isn't pursuing relations with a married man.

I think the greatest gift on this planet is the ability to heal one another and I think I have found that ability to heal people through private investigation.  It can get pretty nasty at times, but the ability to give a woman or man that clarity or peace of mind is priceless to me.  I know how that feels myself to finally get it all out there. 

There are very few GENUINE people left in the world.  Most of today's relationships are smokes and mirrors before we finally discover the person behind the mask.  So if you now someone that is going through some serious shit or is uncertain.  Please send them over to us here at Fox Investigations and they will speak with me personally.  I will always go out of my way for my clients.

For those that took the time to read this.  Thank you so much.  You guys are the driving force that makes Fox Investigations alive and I extend my endless gratitude to you all.  Bless you

Best Regards,
Clayton Taylor
Fox Investigations