Have a supsicious phone number calling your spouse?

Do you have a suspicious phone number on your partner's phone that you would like to get investigated?  Maybe you have exhausted all sorts of open source phone reversal sources that try to sell you out dated information.  With Fox Investigations, it's quite easy to take a phone number and link it to an particular individual.  Phone numbers have become the new social security number in respect that you tie your phone number to your Kroger card, your vehicle and living arrangements, your work, all of your cell phones and credit cards.  Either way, it's easy to do a phone number reveal to figure out who owns that number.  Once we gather that information, it's extremely easy to obtain a full background report on the individual that will let us now everything that is associated with his or her person.

There have been cases where a suspicious phone number is all I had to work with, It was these cases I had to pull a full background on the individual it belonged too.  A full background was then pulled on both the parties and any relatives such as spouse that may be linked the account.  It's from here we conduct investigation to ensure that the party is married and divorce and dig a little bit deeper in their background history.  We can also track the movements of the individual to see where they tend to spend their time..  It doesn't take many clues to start peicing a story together for our clients.

I want to point out that when we investigate a phone number that is on your spouses record.  We may covertly conduct tactical questioning to gather further information as well.  So if you have a suspicious number you want to get checked out, we can find out who owns it, what theirbackground and family life is like, and give you an entire picture of what you can expect from that kind of interaction.