Getting Public Records

If your looking for public records then hiring a private investigator will be your most effective route in tracking those down.  You see, a private investigator has access to databases such as TLO, IRB Search, IDI Data and Delvepoint that has billions of public and private records.  These databases give private investigators the edge they need to do litigation support for lawyers or help track long lost friends or family down.  There are certainly free resources available to scan for public records, and you can access public records in your local courthouse, but what if your not sure where the documents reside at? 

Take marriage and divorce records for example.  You can go to the local courthouse and pull those records on anyone that has been married, in THAT county.  That requires you to know which county the couple was married in and to physically go to that courthouse.  There are quite a few digital databases out there for those not professionally licensed, but it is nowhere near the quality of the databases a PI will have.  

So if your looking to find someones assets or criminal history, hire a private investigator so they can uncover all the facts for you.  Don't waste hours of your life trying to obtain limited information when you can hire someone to get the whole picture for you.  Certain information is protected by privacy laws such as Drivers Privacy Protection Act and Gramm-Leach Bliley Act. These records just require a court order before a private investigator will release them to you.  If it's for a court case, it should be no issue to obtain these records.  If you have a question, then just ask us and we will certainly let you know or point you in the right direction.

Public Records Research Tools and Websites

The following tools may be useful in conducting online public records searches and investigations:

  •– This is a community project dedicated to building the largest encyclopedia of public records and databases.  If your looking to do your own research, this is a great place to start. 
  • Search Systems– This is a great directory of public records that provides links for those looking to find a variety of public records.
  • Search Public Records – Search records for Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Judgments, Amount associated with Bankruptcy, tax lien, or judgment, Corporate Record Summary, Company address, UCC filings, UCC Debtor, UCC collateral listed, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Spokeo People Search– Spokeo is a database that does allow the general public to access it's data.  For some, this may prove useful in getting a general idea about a persons background if or if some assets are available.  Most of the data from here will be outdated or limited at best.  I've had a lot of clients go this route to conduct their own research first but then come to me afterwards because it didn't provide what they actually needed.
  • ZabaSearch– This is an excellent and powerful public  records search engine.  First of all, it is a free service. Second, it aggregates data and information from a huge number of public records databases and presents the information in an easy to use and coherent fashion. It’s a great site for the busy private detective.

Paid Services

  • Intelius– Intelius is a powerful search tool that allows you to search Nationwide Public Records by such data points as maiden/spouse name, age, date of birth, social security number (SSN), unlisted numbers, addresses, roommates and family members.  I will note again that a database that is open to the general public like this will provide not only dated information but will also miss a lot of details as well.  However, it can be used as a tool if you have no other options.
  • KnowX– KnowX is a great place to start to find accurate information about businesses, people and assets, and to discover the critical relationships between them. Run a background check on a business, locate assets, verify property value, and more using nationwide public records compiled from official data sources.
  • U.S Search– U.S. Search provides a variety of online search tools and reports to help you find people and information.
  • Whitepages Premium-  Kind of like a yellow pages setup, the website provides a pretty decent amount of background information on a person. If your looking for a cheap alternative to check the background on a general person, this is a decent alternative.