Finding A Missing Person, Skip-Trace

Personally speaking, this type of investigation has the ability to be the most rewarding.  Especially in cases where an investigator has the ability to reunite a family after many years separated from each other.  These cases can also be to help business owners that are looking to hunt down people that owe them money or someone reaching out to find their old friend from high school.  Trying to hunt down someone by google search alone can be time consuming and lead to inaccurate or false results.  Especially when you buy results from automated databases such as Intelius. 

These free to use or $19.99 per search automated databases like intelius are time wasters.  The information they hold is often enough incredibly inaccurate or non existent at all.  However, due to their marketing techniques they do manage to sucker a lot of people into using their service.  When you use these databases, they also pull a lot of data on the user utilizing their website as well. 

Private investigators are frequently equipped with the tools to effectively track someone or easily narrow down your search. We are authorized to use databases that allow us to tap into billions of public and private records.  We have the ability to track people by almost any fragment of information.  There have been some people I've tracked down with just the name and state they lived in alone, others have been even less.  Some I didn't have a name but some other identifying information like a phone number or license plate tag.  Once this person has been identified in the databases it's pretty quick to pull a comprehensive background check on them. 

This information can include:

  • Name's, Aliases, Imposters, Associates
  • Latest address, phone, SSN, Age
  • Family and Neighbor history (and their personal information)
  • Licenses
  • Civil Cases
  • Bankruptcy and Lein
  • Criminal History
  • Property, Vehicle, Aircraft, and Boat information
  • Foreclosures
  • Voter Registration
  • Student Records
  • Corporate Affiliations
  • DEA records
  • and much more

Tracking someone by IP address

Another tool we have here at Fox Investigations is the ability to track people down by IP address.  I'll define an IP address as per the wiki article below.

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.[1] An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Its role has been characterized as follows: "A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how to get there."

Whether you like to believe it or not a computer, cell phone, or any other electronic device that connects to the internet will have an IP address.  When you use a cell phone to check your email or do any online activity it will register an IP address to your location.  This being said, a database can list the IP addresses a particular person uses for a variety of reasons.  For those that are hard to track down due to maybe a lack of public records can easily be pinpointed by a private investigator by an IP address. 

An IP address can be hidden by use of VPN service or proxy, however the typical person does not constantly keep these services active at all times.  A database can let us know someone idles at a particular place and uses the internet.  This is extremely helpful when trying to serve papers to someone that likes to move around a lot.  I find that most people that try to be difficult to find due to their lifestyle are still creatures of habit.  People have their favorite bars, grocery stores, and locations that they are comfortable with.  Generally speaking, it's just a matter of time before we track a person down.


As you can see, a private investigator has a lot of information at their fingertips.  It is this reason they are professionally licensed to control this type of information to ensure it's legally handled in the proper manner.  Some information cannot be released to a client because of certain laws such as Drivers Privacy Protection Act which protects driving records from being released.  However, if the client has the owners permission or legal reasoning to do so such as by a court order.  Then it's fair game.  (note: that private investigators can look at drivers information in research capacity and within legal means).

If your looking to find someone, then please contact us for a free consultation and quote.  Our investigators will gather as much information as possible as well as send you the required paperwork for electronic signature.  The process is quick and easy.