Finding Out Criminal History : What You Need To Know

One of the most common requests by both businesses and individuals looking to gather information on someone's background.  Knowing if someone has a previous criminal history can help business owners and managers as well as family members know if they are taking a risk on a particular individual.  Someone who has a colorful history in theft would certainly be avoided in retail stores and the like.  Family members would be interested to know if someone had a history in theft, or violence as well before allowing a stranger near their loved ones or assets.

This is by far one of the fastest checks I've been able to do for people.  Database searches for a criminal history are quite thorough in detail and span the entire nation.  Thus far, if someone has been convicted of a crime anywhere in the U.S. I have been able to easily find out all the details of such accusation.  Databases such as IRB Search and Delvepoint, TLO and Accurint make finding out someones criminal background a quick process. 

As a warning about the automated services out there for $20 or less I want to warn people that there is no logistical way possible these systems are actually selling people accurate information.  Sadly, Google is flooded with these automated companies that sell you "background checks" for $19.99.  Where I currently live, if you want to check if someone has a criminal background in a county it takes $15 and a 5 day wait from the sheriffs office.  Considering there are "many" counties in the USA, telling someone they can provide you with accurate data for $20 is ridiculous.  They are basically charging you money to sell you, well nothing at all.   So please do not fall victim to those scams and do reach out to a professional who will get you accurate results. 

Update 11/30/16

Requests for criminal background checks can be sent to us through our investigations page.  Consultations and quotes are always free.  Results are delivered in PDF format by e-mail.  We charge an hourly rate but allow our clients to request how many hours they wish to spend on an investigation.  This allows you more control on how far you want to go and we keep you updated every step of the way.  There are no retainers and no hidden fee's.