Choose ONE thing, then be the best at it.

For those of you looking for inspiration to help you along with your business or if your at a stand still in some point of your life here is some reoccurring advice I have had multiple times in my life.  From both leaders I've had while serving as well as my father.  Throughout my life I have always tried to do everything through diversification.  I figured that if you could do everything at once then there is no way you could possibly fail, however each time I tried to do this I kept getting average results.  

I'll never forget time and time again how I was told, "you don't have anything that sets you apart from everyone else. You need to pick one thing and then be the best at it.  Be so good at that one thing, that people have to depend on you and reach out to you for any problem they have with it."  The older I get, and the more I've experienced.  I've seen this to be true time and time again.  If you look at major companies today, say Lego.  They have a huge franchise with not only lego's but various games, movies, stories, etc.  However, under all that content marketing it all comes back to one single product, building blocks we know today as lego's.  The behemoth we know as Starbucks serves well, you guessed it, coffee.  Microsoft, while now known for many other products and services is known for it's operating system.  

Every major success has had one thing they did great.  It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, just get out there and try.  In the realm of private investigation, there is a ton of avenues a private investigator may choose to go such as research, forensics, surveillance, insurance, adultery, etc.  Whatever your profession is, pick one thing that sets you apart from everyone else.  You can still provide other things, such as other people do.  However, put a focus on giving someone the best experience with one of your services.  

In my example, I chose to take this business and focus on background checks for clients.  I've realized that many private investigators today will not mess with providing this kind of work and would rather focus on high dollar surveillance cases.  Ideally, I would like word of mouth to spread around that "hey, that guy does really good background checks, use him." 

If you think about it. Most people have one friend that they go to for particular advice.  Maybe you go to one store or website for particular items because they are known to be the best at that thing.  If your willing to spend money on this principle then you validate it yourself by spending money on it each day.