Arrested and Charged but Not Convicted

So I want to talk about a really simple criminal background I did and noticed the same issue occurring with multiple clients.  They knew someone that had in some form or another a criminal background and wanted the report pulled to know for sure or to confirm.  Seems easy enough, a quick screen of the client and details and a report can easily be generated following all current laws.  Well whenever I delivered these reports to the client, they quickly fired back with :

"I know they were arrested and charged with [enter crime and date here] but it's not on this record"

"I know for a FACT this guy has more arrests on his record but it's not showing, my hard earned money!"

Well, I wanted to vent and clear something up.  Whether you like it or not, we live in a nation of innocent until proven guilty.  At least, that is the impression.  What sense would it make if someone burst into your home and you had to kill to defend yourself.  The police would arrest you and take you in for questioning.  In an actual self defense case, once it was proven you would be let go to continue your life.  No record to haunt you.  So you can be arrested and charged, depending on the situation, but if you are not convicted of the crime it is not going to show in the database.  

I've had a few clients get pissy because they wanted the record to be there.  A private investigator cannot MAKE something appear out of thin air that isn't occurring.  Just like in a surveillance case if we cannot acquire evidence of a spouse that isn't actually cheating.  I know this is nature of the business, but when I see a pattern like this it starts it starts to show there is a lack of education about the topic of what a criminal record actually is.

So again, just because you were arrested and charged with something doesn't mean it will show up as a record.  If the individual was convicted of a crime, then he or she was found guilty of a crime and therefore will have it on their record.  A private investigator cannot make a document appear that doesn't exist without fabricating it, and that wouldn't make much sense would it?