Getting Police Arrest Records Court Records Online in Georgia

Getting Arrest Records If You Know Where The Crime Happened

If you are looking to get criminal records, you might have tried going to your local county sheriffs office to pay a fee which is generally in the range of $15-$25 money order and takes anywhere from 3-5 days to process.  These requests can be done through various websites as well but will only cover offenses covered within a county you are processing them in or statewide.  If you know the specifics of an individuals background and you have time to wait, this route would be most beneficial to you.  You can go to your local office and complete this task with the clerk there in person.  Just know that any crimes that were committed as a juvenile or out of state will not be included.  Often, sex offenses are separate search as well. 

Getting Arrest Records if You Don't Know The Individual

The short answer is, you're going to need a licensed private investigator to pull a background check (which is on the bottom of the page).  It is much faster and cheaper to get real results to go through a licensed professional.  How does it happen? Check out my article on how a private investigator has access to billions of public records.

In order to do this, you can either personally go to each state and run a search to hopefully find out whether a person has a criminal background in that state.  You might have run into services through Google searches that claim they can offer a full nationwide check for only $20 or less.  Which of course, you can imagine is either false, outdated, or inaccurate information.  Either way, an individual looking to accomplish this on their own would be incredibly expensive and inefficient. Especially when you consider searching each county and each state-wide search.   

nationwide searches for $20 or less are a scam

Most individuals or businesses looking to obtain public records on someone are trying to get an idea about their background.  Maybe it's to hire an employee of some type or just to dig up information for legal litigation support.  Whatever the case, there's a person you don't know with a background that could come from anywhere.  Running just a search in the state will not give you the whole picture about the individuals past.  You will need a professionally licensed investigator that can effectively pull criminal records from a database only authorized to law enforcement and private investigators. 

When clients come to us, they know we specialize in locating people hard to get and we have the tools to gather up their past quickly and effectively.  We are backed by two different databases IRB Search and Delvepoint which allows us to access to 79 billion public and private records from thousands of resources.  We will also remind our clients of the laws they must abide by in order to stay legal as to reduce liability upon their part as well.  Being able to deliver this level of quality service and results is what sets us apart from the competition.

Both the company and it's employees here at Fox Investigations are professionally licensed in the state of Georgia for private investigation practice and possess experience in the special operations community.