Tracking Down a Missing Person / Skip-Trace

One of my more favorite cases and happens to be a pretty popular one is the ability of tracking down someone.  Typically the client has already exhausted all avenue's of trying to retrieve this information on their own.  Whether it was white or yellowpages, spokeo, or any of the other "automated" databases out there selling results to the general public.  Usually for cases like this all I need is basic information such as a full name and city and state they reside in.  From there I can quickly narrow it down but it always helps to give additional information such as address, birthday, social security number, or even a telephone number. 

I wrote awhile back how the telephone number is like a new social security number in how it identifies us.  When you buy groceries with your Kroger account, or really any aspect of your life is tied to some form of telephone number that links to you.  While the general public does not have access to the databases private investigators or law enforcement get to use, even a basic phone number can get me all the information I need on someone to track there whereabouts. 

Not all of these cases are easy, I've had a few cases where I had practically nothing to go off of which is where paying attention to clues can help me track a person down effectively.  As time as progressed, I have learned that it is extremely important to listen to the client regardless of the case.  They are the ones driving the investigation, and the private investigator isthe facilitator of information and ensures all parties operate within their legal, ethical and moral means.  I've had plenty of clients happy with the information I was able to give them and someone to hear their story of what they were going through.  That's part of the job, is helping people get that weight off their shoulders.  I don't think many people realize that many investigators have to deal with that honor. 

Every investigator has a database they usually prefer or several in their arsenal.  I started off with IRB when I got licensed and added on Delvepoint (owned by the same people) to the arsenal as well.  Each of those databases has their own pro's and cons and I've found some stuff on Delvepoint that wasn't available on IRB.  Another database I prefer to use is IDI and their IDI-Core software.  When it comes to tracking down someone, I always double check with IDI to get some of the latest results.  The amount of information at a private investigators fingertips is endless and the more data aggregate companies out there the more tools we can add to the tool box.

I won't discredit open source tools out there and they are definitely handy in finding little unique bits of information that maybe the database for some reason won't have.  It's rare but there have been cases I have had to dig around the old fashioned way and search for records at the local county clerk office.  I have found it's extremely important to know the easy way and the hard way of obtaining information in case a system fails.  Each case and skip trace has been unique and some are easier that others.  Whatever the case, Fox Investigations is more than happy to assist you with tracking down someone for you.