Recovering Bank Records, Brokerage Accounts, and Safety Deposit boxes

Have you been looking for a legitimate and legal way to obtain bank and brokerage accounts?  How about searching for hidden safety deposit boxes?  These are high profile cases that Fox Investigations can take on for you in order to get you the answers you deserve. 

Why would people go after assets like this?

Embezzlement is one good explanation right out of the box.  Someone you might have trusted would be filtering money into another account without your permission.  In many of these cases it usually involves a divorce or some form of separation of agreement between two business partners.  Whatever the reasoning, we can help you secretly track this information down and get you the answers you need.

We do follow all laws regarding the Right to Financial Privacy Act which means that in order for results to be released to a client from a Private Investigator it must require a court order or subpoena allowing that to happen.  From that point forward the accounts are frozen and it's up to the court system to analyze the accounts for the accused accounts.

I work with top shelf database company IDI which is based down in Florida.  These guys are my go to for getting my good intel on a subject I'm going after.  If I can't get it in the database, I can call these guys up and have a team of guys help assist me in getting the sensitive information I need. 

If a client wants to conduct an investigation with us please know that the turn around for results is generally 2 weeks (but often sooner) to get the accounts and the amount of money in each of these accounts.  This type of investigation generally applies to those business owners and people with substantial amounts of assets they are going after. 

The first thing we do here at Fox Investigations is pull an asset report that will tell you all the vehicles, properties, boats, and aircraft they currently own.  We can also pull employment records as well.  This is generally what I call a "preliminary investigation" to see what current assets the subjects have and a confirmation that we are targeting the correct people.  From that point forward, a client will decide if they with to pursue actual bank, brokerage, and safety deposit boxes and who they wish to go after.  One I have this "hit list" per se of the hot targets I'm going after, I collect a retainer from the client and initiate a secured process to start gathering that sensitive information. 

Once the results have returned, I can tell the client what we are working with in regards to accounts and the amount of money in each.  From there we can continue searching more accounts to see if we can dig up any further evidence. 

The next step is a client takes this general information along with the case he worked with his lawyer to a judge to get a court order subpoena that requests release information of said assets.  It is at this point private investigator releases that information to the client for his court proceedings.

If you are going through a nasty divorce and you think your soon to be ex spouse is starting to hide money with family and disperse assets, then hire a private investigator and we can find all of this information to ensure you get everything you are entitled to.  Even if they spread it around, a court subpoena will freeze the accounts and they can investigate your money being moved around when it wasn't supposed to. 

We provide options to keep you ahead of the game.  Don't settle for less and get the edge you deserve!