5 Ways Fox Investigations Can Help You

Background Investigations

We can pull a lot of data on individuals and companies to check their identity is and get a better view on who they are.  The resources we use allow us to confirm information such as birthday, social security number, addresses (and past history), neighbors (and their information), associates, licenses, places of employment, criminal records, family members, vehicle, property, boat, airplane, DEA records, Florida accident records, and much more.

Locate a person

I've helped quite a few individuals locate a particular individual for a wide variety of reasons.  They can be a long lost relative, someone to serve court papers, tracking down someone who owes them money, and so forth.  We use databases that can track people by IP addresses, phone numbers, addresses, spending habits, social security numbers and much more.  I haven't had a case yet that I haven't been able to get a good locate on someone right from my computer. 

Gather Information

Historically coming from a work field of reconnaissance, information gathering is another popular case type.  I have many clients that will ask about telephone numbers, addresses, confirmation of particular information, assets, and so on.  Check and see if someone was married, divorced, bankruptcy, lien and judgements, criminal record, and so forth. 

Asset Information

These cases are to establish what assets are owned by particular individuals.  These are pretty common for divorce cases with clients that are looking to protect themselves or find hidden assets.  We can find all vehicles, boat, property, and airplane data as well as provide searches for brokerage accounts, bank accounts, and safety deposit boxes that tell the client where the accounts are and how much money is in each of these accounts.  Information for bank records is released following a court subpoena.

Criminal Records

Want to check to see if someone has a criminal history or not? We can check federal, state, and county records from all over the USA to find out if a particular person has been convicted of a crime.  Please note that there is a difference between charged and convicted.  Charged means they have not been found guilty of said crime YET.  I've had a few clients swear up and down that they know someone has been arrested a few times in the past and nothing was showing up.  That was because they were still waiting to be convicted by the judge first.  If you are looking for criminal records, we can help you quickly gather such information.