Asset Investigation

People may look to pull asset investigations for a variety of reasons.  Some of the more frequent ones I have seen have been in divorce cases but there are other reasons out there as well.  These investigations look to pull information like properties, boats, vehicles, and planes that are registered under someone.  

When someone comes to me for an asset investigation all they have to really provide me is a name and address at the bare minimum and that will be enough for me to pinpoint the individual I am going after.  It is extremely helpful if someone is able to give me a social security or birthday as well.  This just makes it easier on me, but I can work with either.  

Reports for cases like this come with a summary of information about the individual to confirm to the client the name, address, and other general information of the subject.  It will also include a property report that includes a variety of details on the property itself, what it's worth, address, etc.  The asset report will also include vehicle, boat, and any airplanes that belong to the subject along with VIN numbers, bought value, registration and so forth.  As you might imagine, if the assets do not exist, then it will not generate a report or anything from the database.

For those of you looking to pull a detailed asset report on someone please contact me or refer to my investigations page and select investigation reports > asset report.   Then submit the form to me and I'll get to work on it.

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