5 Ways A Private Investigator Can Help You

  1.  Online Dating Scams - This is definitely not uncommon.  An online dating scam is generally a catfish that poses as someone else and seeks to acquire funds or information from someone while manipulating them on their most primal instinct.  These scams are easy to set up by criminals because all they need to do is copy someone else's social public profile and then target individuals.  Often enough, they seek to somehow coax the individual into sending money to them for various reasons.  What's worse is the emotional heartache that goes along with this.  A comprehensive background check of an individual from a private investigator well shed the light on who you are dealing with online.  Get the facts and find out who you are dealing with.  Many platforms of fraud are used such as Tinder and Facebook.  If you think you're dealing with a fraud, do not hesitate to pull a comprehensive check on them to verify their identity or criminal background.
  2. Infidelity Investigations - There is no doubt that infidelity is by far one of the worst possible situations to be involved in.  Sadly enough, there is a large population in today's society that deals with some form of infidelity.  We work by giving clients the peace of mind they deserve by conducting GPS tracking to track activity through surveillance, or by conducting cell phone forensics of the suspects phone to uncover deleted contacts, pictures, or text messages.  For married couples going through a divorce, this is crucial in obtaining evidence needed to protect your assets in court.  Especially when you are involved with owning a lot of assets.
  3. Business Background Check - Doing business to business type relations can be risky business and knowing who you are working with can mean the difference in your company going under or being successful.  Our business reports are extremely comprehensive and investigations can uncover if the business (or it's owners) have been involved in a shady history.  We also provide data forensics within a business to help find if employee's are stealing trade secrets.
  4.   Helping Attorneys Get Leverage - Private Investigators can help locate individuals that are hard to find.  We can also help discover assets such as real estate, valuable property, vehicles, boats, and aircraft.  We can help acquire massive amounts of data for litigation support through database searches like IRB and Delvepoint.  We can help find out your opponents history through background investigations and behaviors through surveillance work.  
  5.  Prevent Fraud - We can help uncover insurance fraud and workman's comp claims through surveillance work.  Many people will also lie about who they are on resume's and having a PI check their background saves you time to uncover the truth.  We can dig up information to help you make a better investment decision based on background of an individual.  Asset searches allow us to discover if someone is trying to hide something they are not supposed too.  Whatever the case, it's our job to think outside the box to get you the answers you deserve so you can focus on what's important in life.