5 Ways You Can Benefit From a Background Check

1. Know who is looking over the children.  Taking care of our loved ones is important and often enough most people don't have the time to sit down and really get to know someone.  How often have we heard stories of strangers or estranged employees that ended up having bad intentions.  It's terrifying to think about and having a quick investigation on them can be quick, discreet, and help you make the right decision on where your family should be.

2. Litigation.  Attorneys should already know this and litigation support helps them gather as much detailed information about their opponent as possible.  This helps them gain information to discredit, dispute truthfulness and look for ways to dispute a testimony.  Often times they do not have the time to go out and gather such information so it's extremely helpful to have an investigator on hand.

3. Pre-Marital Checks.  You may not know everything you thought you knew about the person you have been spending all your time with.  Before you get married, check the integrity of your partner.  Some of you may laugh, however it may be nice to know the person your about to legally bind yourself too doesn't have a corrupt history, or a mountain of debt.  Protect yourself and get peace of mind.

4. Due Diligence Investigations.  Before you sign on a new business partner, or decide to let on a new hire into a corporate role it would be beneficial to get a due diligence check to check the integrity and background of the character.  This allows you to fact check who they say they are and if it's in the best interest of you or your business to hire said person.  You may want to do this before you invest your funds as well.

5. Pre-Employment Screenings.  A bad hire can cost a company up to five times the salary in question and months of wasted time.  These screenings allow managers to emplace the best team they can for the job by catching those with an unfavorable criminal history or those that lie on their resume.  Employers should know they must abide by a few laws when conducting screenings of this nature.  Do not worry though, we ensure you are aware of such laws and are well prepared to conduct the screenings so you avoid any sort of liability.