3 Ways A Spouse Will Cheat You Out of Marital Assets

When it comes to divorce, nothing is easy.  It's one of the most frustrating and disappointing life events anyone can go through.  I understand that anyone going through divorce never anticipates or plans to protect themselves because I have been there personally.  That being said, splitting assets between a couple is nasty business.  Part of my job is helping people uncover assets during divorces so that they are split appropriately, that and helping people uncover a cheating spouse to protect their assets from being taken.

Just to throw out a fun fact, 2 out of 3 marriages that go through divorce have secretive hidden asset issues.

1. Fraudulent Transfers - This is the case of a spouse transferring large amounts of assets into other accounts in order to get it off their books.  Their plan would be to recover these assets at a later date once the divorce is final.  Simple enough right? In this case, the court would look for signs of badges of fraud such as was found in the Dempster v. Overview Equities Inc case.  Where a husband established a business a few days prior and deposited large amounts of assets in order to keep them for himself.

2. Altered Records - In these instances a spouse will change records maybe to show that their assets are actually diminished from what they really are worth.  It could be to fudge their salary, business worth, or some other form of asset.  Such was the case in Mr. Hamm's $17 Billion dollar ownership interest where he altered documents to say it was worth significantly less.  The result was one of the biggest payouts in U.S. History. 2nd Largest in fact.

3. Nominee's - Pretty common for a spouse to have a family member to quickly stash their funds over into a bank account for later retrieval.  This could be vehicles, bank accounts, real estate, boats, or some other form of asset.

Whatever the case may be, there are a ton of various methods used to dodge assets.  This is why having a private investigator is important.  I cannot stress to people enough that the tools we have to uncover valuable information like this is crucial for their benefit.  If you suspect a spouse is cheating on you, it's important to reach out to a private investigator to help start gathering the information you need to protect yourself.