Surveillance and Adultery. Don't pay alimony to a cheating spouse!

People should not have to pay alimony to a spouse that is cheating on them.  It's not uncommon for a private investigator to get hired on directly by a client or an attorney in order to gather court admissible evidence on a cheating spouse.  This evidence is then used to effectively dispute these claims.  Often enough, it will stop it before it gets to court.

I see more often than not that people try to conduct surveillance on their own.  I can understand how an individual would want to get peace of mind to find out the truth. 

However, most people don't have professional experience conducting surveillance to a degree that is usable in the legal system.  Because of this, a subject will get tipped off they are being watched and will change their behavior to either make it more difficult if not impossible to gain more usable evidence.  Divorce can be messy, and hiring a private investigator can help you come out on top. 

A PI will typically use tools such as data aggregate services, GPS trackers, covert cameras, and long rang surveillance equipment to gather photo and video evidence needed to prove adultery in these cases.  These surveillance operations are usually conducted either independently or with multiple investigators depending on the situation.  Comprehensive reports are taken throughout the surveillance in order bring our client facts that can be used in court.   There are also times with investigators are used to testify on behalf of their clients in order to verify the data collected.

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