Background and Due Diligence Investigations

There are a wide variety of reasons individuals or corporate entities may request to run a check on someone.  It could be a pre-marital check or a preemployment screening.  Maybe you want to know more information on a potential business partner or someone you are considering purchasing services from (renting, maintenance, babysitters, etc).  Maybe someone wants to track down a long lost loved one or conduct a skip trace on someone laying low for litigation reasons. Whatever the case, not all background checks are the same.   

There are some laws that apply to background checks.  The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) puts limits on the disclosure of personal information in records maintained by state departments of motor vehicles. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) data is federally regulated data that contains sensitive information on individuals—not businesses.  This is the information that investigative professionals need when starting a new case.  Database providers like IRB Search provides investigators with access to GLBA data only when they identify legally permissible purposes such as fraud prevention, law enforcement purposes, or legal compliance.  Public databases do not have the access to said data.

Without legal reason to look into this information, background checks and locates use only publicly available information.  I use databases only authorized to professionals that allows me to scan billions of records across thousands of sources.  

When you search for background checks on Google, typically websites will appear that claim to provide criminal or background checks for a very low price.  Once you start inputting your information on both yourself and the person you search for, you will find you will get extremely limited information and will need to pay subscription fees in order to continue digging up more  (usually dated) information.  These sites do not provide anywhere near the updated quality of information (if they even have the information to begin with).

Long story short, these websites do not compare to the quality of information that a licensed private investigator can pull for you.  Not only does a licensed agency have access to much more information but they will also ensure all parties involved are operating within a safe legality realm.   

If you are curious and would like to track someone down or pull a comprehensive report the process is very simple.  Contact us on our business line at 470-440-0175 or email me at