How To See Exactly Where A Photo Was Taken

So many of you probably know this but for the few of you that don't, or don't know what you can do about this.  Phones with a GPS capability generally store what is called metadata within each picture.  So instead of having the time stamp on the corner of the pic like in the days of old, now all sorts of data can be pulled from a photo such as where it was taken, time, etc.  So today, I'm going to go over how to pull GPS coordinates from the photos of pictures.

Find the GPS coordinates -
Again this data is stored in the metadata of the picture itself, meaning it's hidden in the code.  The only thing you need to do is look at the files properties in order to view this information.  Not complicated at all, right? 

On Windows, just right click on the image file and click on properties.  Then go over to the details tab and look for the Latitude and Longitude under the GPS section.  Plug this into Google Maps, and you can pinpoint exactly where the photo was taken.  

On a Mac, just click on the file, and select Get Info.  You will see the GPS data is stored under More Details.  

You can also use an EXIF to pull this data.  The good news is, there are some image sharing services out there that will strip this information automatically from the picture for privacy reasons.  If the user is savvy enough, they will go into their camera's settings and disable it themselves.  In terms of data forensics, getting an original raw file helps increase the chances of pulling such data.  

For those of you that are concerned about your privacy.  Go to your camera settings or privacy settings and ensure you do not allow your location data to be shared.  

A pretty nifty website regarding photo forensics and various metadata tools and guides can be found here.