Paradigm Shifts and Finding Truth

I have always been a fan of reading books for quite awhile now.  I still get my hands on a hard copy as nothing beats the feeling of a book in the hands, however, I have become a fan of audible lately.  I can't stress how audible has made getting through books so convenient.  If I'm driving anywhere I've got the aux cord plugged into my phone, or if I'm doing chores around the house I can set my phone to play it through a speaker.  Either way, its a highly effective way to allow more productive material into your busy life.

I just finished up the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey and I already know I'll be listening to this book several more times later down the road.  For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to the intake of books (reading, listening) simply as reading.  This  book is a must read, for anyone, in any walk of life.  As you can imagine, the contents of the book are various habits that draw people into becoming more genuine with others.  The biggest take away I had from this read is the paradigm shift.  Being able to change how you interpret something, or being able to see a whole picture.  Most of us go about life believing something a certain way, and usually it was because of what our early imprinters taught us.  We generally never go back to examine these beliefs and often enough, they are far from the truth, as we cannot comprehend truth through our limited linear human brains.  

Here is a link to the wiki page for 7 Habits for those that want the quick and dirty, however, the book is worth every penny and contains a lot of good information that allows the individual to accomplish this paradigm shift.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Wikipedia Page.

Looking back on my life I can see how my belief patterns have changed through the years based on what belief systems I had at the time.  The older I get and the more I realized that even though I thought I knew more than my parents, the more I figured out how wrong I was.  After chasing spirituality for the longest time, I found myself questioning the very fabric of this question of what was truth.  Why I did the things I did and why others do what they do.  

I'm confident that it was my compulsive nature to research and to question the perception of truth that led me down the path of private investigation.  To help others find the truth, often when they are in much denial about the situation they are currently in.  To throw myself out there, I stuck with a failing marriage for much longer than I should even though many of my closest friends warned me far in advance.  Looking back, and hindsight is always 20/20.  The signs where there the whole time and I wished I had listened sooner.  When I finally decided to divorce from a toxic marriage, it was like having the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.  I had so much energy rush back into my life that I didn't know what to do with myself, for a short while.  I'll tell you what I did do though.  

I finally got surgery to remove a benign lump I had in my chest, something I was terrified to confront for years.  I got a follow on surgery to confront the pain in my spine.  I now feel absolutely amazing.
I went out and took a mortgage out on my first house, which is being completely remodeled.
I took a promotion at work.
I paid off my car loan.
I read at least a few books a week, sometimes more than once.
I started a business and got professionally licensed.
I met a wonderful woman who is absolutely fantastic to me.

Not bad for a span of a couple of months.  It's been quite the upswing on my end, but what was the key factor in all of this?  I took action.  I had to put my life in my hands and make all the moves myself, even if it's a tiny step towards a goal each day.  I always ask myself, what did I do today to really better myself?  On top of that, I always challenge myself to do something uncomfortable like confronting a new client.  It's actually been one of the most entertaining and exciting experiences I have had to date.  

Best Regards,