The Adventure of Running a Business

It wasn't but a few months ago that I was sitting out on the south end of Tybee island during a low tide.  I walked out as far as I possibly could and I could swear I could practically walk out to little Tybee out there.  The water was incredibly clear, the air a nice spring crisp with a nice breeze.  Nothing too hot.  I sat out there and just soaked everything in, it was probably the most gorgeous I have ever seen Tybee.  There was nobody really out there so I felt like I had the place all to myself.  I had an overwhelming sense of freedom out there.  No phones, just beautiful vibrant hues of color and clean air.  

 It was that day that I had the sudden realization that I needed to take control of my life, that "a-ha" moment.  I needed to take my life into my own hands and bring a service to the world that was truly mine.   Something I could call my own so I could have my own freedom.  I did a little private investigation work in college and it was ridiculously clear for me that I needed to start my own company.  I knew that if I could have control of my own service, that I could move much faster and be more efficient than anyone else.   

I have served with the Army since 2006, during President Bush's era.  I deployed during the Iraq surge during that time for 15 months with a scout sniper platoon known as Tiger Force Recon.  I did a lot of growing up then, I had too, our lives depended on it.  Since then, I have not stopped chasing the level of excellence I had with my brothers during that time.  I finished up my first contract in late 2009 and left the service, gaining my bachelor degree in Security Management from American Military University in just two years.  Then I went right back into the service to chase a career in special operations where I have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life.  As amazing as it is, it takes quite a toll on the emotional and physical body and I've realized that I've lost precious time with my family that I will never get back.  

I should say that the last 10 years have been such an enduring learning experience for me.  I notice everyone seems to talk and notice success more than anything else, but what people have failed to really see is the level of failure it takes to get to that point.  Trail and error comes to mind and a lot of it.  I can not tell you the amount of ideas I've chased that were crash and burn over the years.  The best advice I give to people is you have to put yourself out there, get into the arena, and then be the best.  Whatever it is you do, or are passionate about,  be the best.  Get out there and try something.  Accept that failure is inevitable but learn from it then fail better the next time.  I have tried to be relentless over the years with my efforts.  Those that know me know that I spend a ridiculous amount of time researching everything and realize that I don't have much shame left.  

If I had never put myself out there, I would have never known what I was capable of.  Now it is a no brainer when it comes to having an experience.  I refuse the thought of looking back on my life and wishing I did more.  Just wishing I at least tried something new.  

To go back to the beach, I have always known that I'm smart and capable but I've never known what I could do.  Everyone seemed to have a niche that fit for them and I never really knew where to start.  I was always obsessed with learning everything first.  When I had this moment, and knew I had to take action.  I had tons of knowledge in surveillance and data acquisition, but I needed to get smart fast in terms of running a business.  I do both together.  I've realized that everything in life is about action.  The stars will never align for you and the situation will never be perfect.  Take action, and then correct the course and tweak your methods from there.  

My current goal is to read over 60 books within the span of a year.  I usually crush about three or more a week and some several times over.  The topics lately have been on business, marketing, and self improvement.  I do utilize virtual assistants with Fox Investigations LLC. For those that are interested you can check out  They help me reach out to potential clients, conduct market research, and assist me with other admin tasks that I would rather not focus my time on.  I want to give my clients what I'm best at.  Thus far, it has proven to be extremely successful.  

I see the agency as an expression of myself, and I want to give my clients hands down the best service that money can possibly buy.  In the special operations community, we train constantly to be the best.  I want to bring this mentality and quality to the private sector. That's why I've integrated the company to utilize two databases only authorized to law enforcement and licensed professionals.  It allows me to be the most comprehensive with my searches, period.  There is no other service that is as comprehensive as what I offer and nowhere as low cost.  

It's extremely rewarding to be able to do something like this.  I encourage anyone to get out there and take massive action in your life.  Don't debate or think about it.  Just get out there and correct yourself as you go.  Don't worry about what other people think about you as most are too busy worrying about other things more important to them.