What Information is Included in Our Reports

I get a few questions regarding what information is included in some of the reports that is available to our premium users.  We allow premium users to request customized investigations which allows them to choose what reports they would like to pull.  They can choose one or more reports and then submit their request to us.  At that time we will review their request, and then guide them through the investigation process.  We carefully ensure that all parties are aware of their rights, the current laws, and that everyone operates within their legal domain.  

So what kind of information can you get in these reports?
Below is a list of reports and the searches that are included (if any) in such requested report.

Address Report
 - Report that contains a summary of all of the following at a specific address; previous and historical residents at the address, Phones, Businesses, Ownership Records of the address, Driver's Licenses and Motor Vehicles registered there, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments, and Neighbors.

Asset Report - Report that contains the full Summary Report as well as Property information, Vehicle Registrations, Watercrafts, and FAA Pilots and Aircrafts.

Bankruptcy Report - The bankruptcy report contains all of the information from the bankruptcy search, plus even more like Date Filed, Disposition Date, Filing Type, Filing Status, Debtor Name (with SSN, AKAs, and Debtor Address), Additional Debtor (with SSN and AKAs), Liabilities, Assets, Exempt, Assets Available for Unsecured Creditors, Debtor is Self-Represented, Attorney, Attorney Phone Number, Trustee, Trustee Phone Number, Case Number, Court Location, Creditors Meeting Date, and Creditors Meeting Location. The Bankruptcy Report also may contain any bankruptcy filings for your subject covering the last ten years, as well as bankruptcy filings for your subject’s co-debtors.

Business Report - Report that contains information on a business such as Best Information, FEINs, Parent Company Information, Sales, Profiles, Internet Domains, UCCs, Parent Companies, SIC Codes, Name Variations, Registrations, Sanctions, Dun & Bradstreet Information, Address Variations, Properties, Phone Summary, Phone Variations, Motor Vehicle Registrations, Watercrafts, Aircrafts, Bankruptcies, Liens/Judgments, Foreclosures, Notice of Defaults, IRS5500, Registered Agents, Contacts, Executives, Business Associates, and Professional Licenses.

Comprehensive Report (Popular)- Summary of addresses, Motor Vehicle Registrations, Properties, Watercrafts, Aircrafts, Phones, Sex Offenses, Possible Criminal Records, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments, Professional Licenses, Driver's Licenses, Florida Accidents, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Concealed Weapon Permits, People at Work, Voter Registrations, Neighbors, Relatives and Associates.

Contact Card Report -  Report that includes a Person Search, Bankruptcy Filings, and a contact list for the person's Home, Work, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors.

Criminal Report - Report that contains possible criminal information and expands on the criminal search with more details from the Department of Corrections, Arrest Logs and Court Records.

Finder Report - Report that contains Aliases, Imposters, Associates, Relatives, Addresses, Phones, Neighbors, Bankruptcies, and Corporate Affiliations.

Lien & Judgment Report - Use this search to find information on liens and judgments that vary by state but may include Debtor Name and Address, Creditor Name, Case Number, Filing Date, Amount, Book/Page, SSN/FEIN, Filing Type, Release Date, Original Case Number, and Serial/Cert. Number.

Locate Report - Report containing the information on a subject such as Addresses, Phones, Emails, Bankruptcies, Liens/Judgments as well as information on the subject's Associates and Relatives.

Neighbor Report - This report returns information on neighbors for a subject's last two residences as listed on the subject's address history.

Motor Vehicle Report  - Report on a motor vehicle that contains all of the information from the motor vehicle search, as well as Owner's and Registrant's Age, Sex, and County, Lien Information (Name, Address, and Lien Date), Vehicle Information (Engine Type, Vehicle Use, Mileage, and Description), and Other Information (Title Number, Title Date, Title Status, Decal Date, Expiration Date, and Registration Status).

Relative Report - This report returns relatives and associates for a subject along with their Social Security numbers, addresses, phones and other basic information.

Summary Report - Report that contains the Best Information for subject, Aliases, Drivers License, Addresses, and Property Information.

Premium users have the ability to request one or all of these in an investigation.  A very basic comprehensive background check on one individual can pull over 60 pages of detailed information by itself.  This information is well encrypted and protected through multiple barriers.  It is our duty to ensure all parties are legally protected and all information is legally obtained and handled appropriately.

Premium users must be prescreened by a private investigator to ensure unlawful intent is not present, as well as submit to an initial membership disclosure and terms of service.

Premium users submit to a legal disclosure and terms of service with each individual transaction.  We ensure all legal forms are provided and brief clients on current laws they must abide by.

Once the investigation has been submitted, our investigators will then reach out to the client to easily guide them through our simple investigation process.