What Is Included In A Criminal Background Check?

While each investigation in itself is unique in order to fit the needs of our clients.  Our Criminal Background Check is our most standard service as it contains everything most of our clients come to our site for.  It is also the most streamlined as a disclaimer is also integrated into the buying process to begin the search.  We then have a professional investigator check the data against our dual database system searching over 79 billion public records.

Our Criminal Background Checks Include These Searches :

  1. Federal Criminal Reports
  2. State Criminal Reports
  3. County Criminal Reports
  4. Sex Offender Reports
  5. Arrest Logs
  6. Social Security Verification
  7. Address Verification

Update 11/29 : 
If you are looking to conduct a criminal background check you can easily request one through our investigations page.  There you can submit a case to us for free and receive a free consultation.  Then we will assign an investigator and begin to work on your case.  The process is very simple and results can be delivered quickly by e-mail.  You decide how many hours you would like to spend on your investigation and we update you every step of the way.

If your looking to protect your family or screen an employee, then you came to the right spot.  If someone has been convicted of a crime anywhere in the USA then we can run a search to quickly pull those results for you.  Know who you are dealing with at all times.  We are a reputable and professionally licensed private investigator agency in the state of Georgia.  

If you are paying $20 for a "background check" from a search result on Google.  Then you are simply wasting your money.  Those automated processes sell outdated and inaccurate data to unsuspecting customers.  Since it's only $20, most people figure they have nothing to lose so they try them out anyway.  Either way these frauds make money from consumers that unfortunately aren't warned about them.  If you want a real background check then please, get one from a licensed private investigation agency.  

Please contact me with any questions you may have at support@investigatefox.com.