What You Need To Know About Elite Services

In order to maintain the integrity of the business, it is important to screen the employee about to take a corporate or management position.  Conducting an investigation like this is the first like of defense against liability from a bad hire.  A bad hire can be devastating for a business just getting on it's feet.  There are over 80 percent of businesses today that utilize a background investigation service in order to ensure they get the best employees.  However, many people do not recognize the limit of scope in the other databases used by such companies.  If a service is cheap, such as the $45 range, it's a good sign that you are going to pay for limited or out dated results.  

Just like anywhere else, you get what you pay for.  The $20 service that offers it to anyone with a database only utilizing a few hundred million records is going to get you disappointing results.  These are time wasters and relying on them can hurt your business as bad hires sneak their way into your ranks.  As of the date of this article, we have yet to see a company utilize a database as expansive as ours.  Just like the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fox Investigations utilizes dual databases for redundancy and accuracy that spans 79 Billion records and is regularly kept up to date.  In comparison to other providers, we offer an elite class of service.  This is mostly in due part to the fact we streamlined the investigation process and tailor each one to easily fit the demands of our client.  In order to access such a high standard of service, each of our premium clients are carefully screened and verified by a licensed professional.  Not only do we provide the most accurate, comprehensive data to our clients, but we reach out and guide them through the process to ensure all of their demands are met.  As well as ensure they are kept within their legal operating means.  Our premium clients come first, and we recognize that quality results can NOT be mass produced.

How much does the truth mean to you?