Savannah, GA Local Business

Hands down, the most fun I have had yet in marketing this business is going around passing around business cards and getting a chance to talk to local businesses and individuals in person.  While I know others in the profession tend to dodge to topic of private investigation in order to keep from explaining themselves, I find it is a rather intriguing topic for most people.  Most only associate it with a TV show or simply putting a GPS on the vehicle of a cheating spouse.  This always gives me the opportunity to educate on the wide variety of information we can offer to people.  

For attorneys or law firms, we can offer litigation support services in order to dig up the information you need in order to win your case.  With us, for example, we are backed by dual database authorization allowing us to utilize 79 billion public records.   This gives us the ability to track down people, hunt down assets, and uncover valuable information quickly and effectively.  

We offer services to both businesses and individuals in order to help track down someone, whether that was to find a long lost friend, or to follow up on a business lead.

Services are available to assist in divorce cases to help uncover hidden assets.  It is incredibly common how many people hide assets during a divorce case.

Many businesses will take interest in our criminal background service which allows an employer to pull Federal, County, Sex Offender, Address, and Social Security verification on employees.  We offer more complex investigations for manager and corporate positions as well which delivers a comprehensive view of an applicants background.

We have the ability to pull business reports which pulls public data about a registered business ( or uncover an unregistered business ).

We can pull bankruptcy, as well as lien and judgment reports so individuals know who they are doing business with.

Basically, if you can think of it, we can pull the information for you in the most legal way possible.  In no way is any information gathered from Fox Investigations LLC to be used for harassment, stalking, terrorist, or criminal activity.  Most people are surprised to find out that a private investigator is more than just what they see on TV and I always get a great response on people interested in our services.  

For those looking to start an investigation, we only offer our services to those with premium accounts.  These premium accounts offer added security and legal protection, personal one on one access with our investigators, and the markets best investigative services.  Let Fox Investigations LLC uncover valuable information that will give you the edge in order to win that case, hire the right employee, or keep your family safe.