5 Reasons Why Employers Should Check Their Employees Backgrounds

Over 80 percent of businesses today utilize background checks to prescreen their new hires.  The benefits are endless, but today I will cover just a few of the main reasons why employers should utilize a background check service.  Screening is conducted on all levels of modern day business.

1. Highlights Criminal Charges
I've had a few people ask me about what criminal charges actually show on a criminal screen.  Most people believe that every single ticket and arrest is on their record.  For the sake of checking an individuals criminal history, the database is going to pull actual charges against an individual.  Criminal background screenings are important because they highlight the relevant information on an applicants file.  They let you know if they have been convicted of a serious crime such as a felony or misdemeanor.

2. It Maintains Workplace Safety
Since we can investigate an individuals background and see if they have a criminal record or not.  The investigation can allow employers to know if an applicant has a past history with violence or theft, and thus make a decision that would better benefit their business at their discretion. Hiring an individual with a violent history poses a threat to the customers, the employees, and the reputation of the business.  A bad hire like this can cost the company thousands of dollars in various liability loss.  Hiring an investigator will deter this from happening.

3. Find Dishonest Applicants.
It's not uncommon for an applicant to pad their resume with fictional references, work experience, and education.  Conducting an investigation will allow managers to see if their employees are honest about their resume.  This prevents an employer putting a new hire in a position that he is unqualified for, as well as reduces the liability from misinformation.  

4. A Legal Tool To Learn More
It is not uncommon for a business to approach us to conduct a background check in order to find out more information on someone moving into a manager or corporate position.  As long as the business follows the laws such as the FCRA, then a business can see a more detailed disclosure of an individual.  This also plays part for individuals or businesses looking to conduct business with other businesses.  Business reports lets you see exactly who you are potentially doing business with so you can act accordingly.  It lets you see more of the bigger picture so you can assume less risk.

5. It Saves Money and Time In The Long Run
Conducting these investigations may pose an expense or a process in the beginning, however it is definitely beneficial in the long run.  A bad hire on average will cost a business up to 5 times the salary in question.  This is due part to lost wages, liability, re-training, and time.  Time is valuable, and having the right crew of people to be the workplace is key in overall success.  Your most qualified people will be easier to spot and maintain with background checks.  

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