An Easier Setup

Update : 12/4/16

I changed the platform of the website in order to be much more user friendly.  I found that the previous "product" setup on the site tended to be a little bit confusing for clients.  Now there is just a contact form that a client can utilize in order to inquire about cases.  Here is the new flowchart of how investigations work from the website.

  1. Submit Case To Us by Investigations Page, Contact, E-Mail, or Phone

  2. Our Investigators collect any information they need to finish the case.

  3. Service agreement is e-mailed to client that requires an easy digital signature.

  4. An Invoice is e-mailed to the client requiring payment accepting all major credit cards.

  5. Results of the investigation are then sent to the client in PDF format.

The payment system we use is Square reader, which also support an easy to use invoice system.  Each step can be accomplished from any computer, or smart phone device.


Some examples of information you can request from us. (privacy laws may apply for some sensitive material, just ask and we will let you know).
Advanced Person Search, Phone Search, Neighbor Search, Relative Report
People at Work
Marriage and Divorce
Business Reports, UCC Search, Corporate Filing
Drivers License, Hunting and Fishing License, Conceal Weapon
Comprehensive Background Report,
Assets, Property, Motor Vehicle, Watercraft Search,
Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Lien and Judgement
Full Criminal Report, Arrest Reports, Sex Offender, Social Security Confirmation