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  • Computer and Cell Phone Forensics
  • Recover Hidden or Deleted Data, Text Messages, Video, or Pictures.
  • Fraud Investigations / IP Theft
  • Catch Cheating Spouse / Adultery Cases
  • Background Investigations / Locate People
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Company License Number PDC002723.

     Fox Investigations by Clayton Taylor is headquartered in Savannah, GA and provides a full investigative platform in order to meet our clients needs anywhere in the USA.  We are a professionally licensed agency that provides a full range of discreet services to anyone looking to achieve a peace of mind and get the truth they deserve.  All investigations are discreet and handled in a timely manner.  At Fox Investigations, speed, experience, and professionalism is key to providing an excellent service to our clients.  We provide our clients with one on one service and the detailed results that gives them the edge they need.



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Priority & Expedited Service

Our team understands that your business depends on timely service. Whether you require results within a week or 24 hours, our lab’s daily triage system ensures that your important cases are monitored and moved to the top of the cue to meet all deadlines.

Private Investigations

Savvy private investigators know that Digital Forensics is the nuclear weapon in their arsenal of techniques and tools. DFC partners with Private Investigation firms, to provide clients with the rock-solid digital evidence they need to uncover the truth and take control of their situations.

Litigation Services

As digital evidence becomes more central to every case, law firms increasingly need trusted experts in the realm of digital forensics to handle their e-Discovery, Data Acquisition and processing. We provide a full range of litigation services to help attorneys manage their digital data so they can stay focused on law and strategy.

Forensic Reports

The Forensic Report is the final stage of a Digital Forensic Investigation. We have the experience and expertise to draft precise and thorough Forensic Reports to help your firm achieve case objectives, whether it’s settlement or court victory.

Expert Testimony

We can supply our certified Forensic Examiners to testify as expert witnesses. Our Examiners are experienced at defending reports, as well as explaining forensics and reporting methodologies.

Mobile Forensics

With the explosion of smart phone usage, the trail of digital artifacts that most people leave behind has grown exponentially. Our engineers can find and extract hidden and even deleted data from mobile devices, to support your case work.

Government Approved Forensics Specialist

The Best Tools and Techniques in the Industry

We are industry leading data recovery experts and state-of-the-art R&D pioneers in our field. In situations that require invasive repair, your media will be serviced in a certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment by highly trained and certified digital technicians.

Experience You Can Trust

All of our technicians are Microsoft certified, GSA licensed, electrical engineers. Every technician undergoes our extensive training program, focused on data recovery and digital investigation. The success rates of the cases our technicians handle are among the highest in the industry.

Ready Whenever You Need Us – 24/7/365

We understand that having your data retrieved efficiently is a must. Our Emergency Service Technicians are available around the clock to recover your data in as little as 24 hours!

Secure, Confidential, Professional

Ensuring that our customer’s data is kept confidential is a top priority at File Retrieval. We conduct regularly scheduled laboratory audits to affirm that our company’s security policies are consistently upheld. We guarantee that all data is protected from third party access throughout the entire recovery or investigation process.

No Risk, No Obligation, Free Evaluation

We offer FREE diagnostics testing with results in just 2-3 days! Our technicians will evaluate your media to determine whether the data can be recovered. If recovery is possible, we will provide you with a list of service packages available to you with the corresponding cost structure.

Customer Service You Can Actually Count On

Our customer’s trust and satisfaction is our top priority for every case we handle. Thus, we assign a service technician to every case to ensure that our customer’s have constant access to the information they need. Your assigned service technician will provide you with frequent status updates.

e-Discovery Services

Digital Forensics expertly leads clients through the process of locating, securing and searching electronic data for civil and criminal litigation.

Litigation Services

Digital Forensics provides a full range of litigation services to support legal professionals, including Forensic Investigations, Forensic Reporting and Expert Witness Testimony.

Data Recovery Services

We have been an industry leader for more than a decade in retrieving files from damaged devices as well as recovering lost or intentionally deleted files.

Data & Evidence Acquisition

Our professionals can help your firm with the onsite acquisition of digital data, adhering to accepted legal protocols.