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Get a Locate Report

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Our "No Hit, No Charge" policy ensures you only pay for real results from highly experienced and licensed professionals.

This is a highly accurate service used to locate individuals utilizing the industries best databases to generate an in depth locate report. 

Information from these investigations includes (if available):

Aliases, Address Current and History, High-Risk Address Check, Death Index, SSN Verifier, Phone Numbers from Address, Cell Phones from Address, Possible E-mail Addresses, Web Connections from E-Mail, Other Names from E-mail, E-mails from Address, Incident Logs, Voter Registrations, IP adresses.

DEA Licenses, FAA Licenses, Professional Licenses.

Neighbors, Possible Roommates, Possible Relatives, Other Occupants from Address.

Corporate Records, Ficticious Business Names, Business Affiliations, Businesses from Address.

Bankruptcies, Civil Judgements, Tax Liens, Evictions.

Aircraft Ownership, Property Ownership by Address, Real Property Ownership, Watercraft Ownership, Internet Domain Registrations.

Surrounding Neighborhood Facilities, Demographics for Primary ZIP Code, Jails and Prisons, Law Enforcement, Mail Drops, Public and Private Schools, Self Storage.

Criminal Records, Sex Offender List, Arrests, Warrants and Offender Data.

Turn around time is fast, typically within 24 hours.  This is a premium service with one on one support and multiple reports from top industry databases.  Information provided is on a need to know basis.  We have had a lot of success and client satisfaction running these reports.

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